Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby



A celestial gemstone long associated with the sky and the heavens, Sapphires have been revered by humanity for thousands of years.  Symbolizing truth, honesty, and faith-fullness, Sapphire is an excellent choice for an engagement ring or any piece of jewelry given as a gift of love.  As with most gemstones, the finest sapphires, no matter their color, are a vibrant hue with a medium tone.  Extremely dark, almost black sapphires and extremely pale sapphires are among the most affordable.   Let your personal taste guide you in your shopping.


Almost all Sapphire on the market today have been heat-treated to improve its appearance.  Heat-enhanced Sapphire is very stable.  Sapphires can be Diamond Cut enhancing their brilliance.


Sapphire is the birthstone for September.



Emerald is translucent to transparent.  It is generally thought of as green in color.  But look closer and you’ll discover subtle, important differences in tones and hues.  Some of the world’s finest emeralds are described as slightly bluish green in color and medium in tone.  Pure green Emeralds are also highly desirable.  Emerald is part of the mineral family called beryl.  If a gem is too light in tone it is no longer considered an emerald, but it is referred to as green beryl.  Common in many Emeralds are a wide variety of internal characteristics or inclusions.  Emeralds without these internal features are very rare and valuable.


Almost all Emeralds are routinely enhanced to improve their appearance.  Both natural and manmade fillers are commonly introduced into the fissures in Emerald to reduce their visibility.  Often referred to as oiling or infilling, similar enhancements have been done on Emeralds for thousands of years.  These types or when exposed of enhancements are not considered stable, as fillers will come out over time or when exposed to high heat.


Emerald is the birthstone of May.



A Ruby possesses a color like no other red gemstone.  At its finest, the purity of its burning crimson hue inspires us with love and desire.  Rubies come in a variety of colors ranging from purplish red to orangey red.  Ruby belongs to the same mineral family as sapphire known as corundum; but if a gem is too light in tone or too purple or orange in hue, it is called a fancy Sapphire, not a Ruby. The most sought-after Rubies are pure red or red with very slight pinkish under-carat, these are incredibly rare and valuable – much rarer than top quality colorless diamonds.


Ruby is routinely heat treated to improve is appearance.  Heat enhanced Rubies are extremely stable.  Some Rubies may have a glass-like residue left in surface-reaching fissures after they are heated.  This glass-like material is not stable, so proper care is required during the cleaning process.  Rubies can be Diamond Cut enhancing their brilliance.


Ruby is the birthstone for July.

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